Top 4 Lucrative Design and Animation Careers

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Modern day design combines art, creativity and technology. The end result is usually entertaining and a highly rich product besides several career openings in this industry that have a high earning potential. Here are 4 interesting careers which while they’re demanding are equally richly rewarding. Video game designer This is one of the exciting career […]

5 Tips for Becoming a Great 3D Animator

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Becoming a great 3D animator does not take months or even few years. Instead you will have to spend several years of dedication working on your skills and learning different techniques and technologies. It is a career path that demands passion and readiness to commit to longer working hours. The good thing is, this is […]

What To Do To Pursue A Career As An Animator

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An animator also referred to as a multimedia artist brings to life pencil sketches, digital illustrations and other computer aided drawings. Animators play an important role in movies and animation flicks, gaming software, website development, advertising and other multimedia applications. It is an interesting field with a wide range of opportunities and a chance to […]

Top Attributes Needed for a Career in Animation

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Choosing your career calls for extensive deliberation and thinking through your options. For a career like animation which calls for a combination of both your creative and technical talent, a unique blend of qualities is required. The varied nature of the profession and the skills required mean there is no single blueprint of what makes […]

The Different Career Opportunities That Open After Pursuing a Degree in Animation and Graphic Design

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With the advent of technology and the integration of computer aided design and animation in just about everything, the fields of animation and graphic design are opening up a range of career opportunities. Pursuing a degree in animation and design is now highly rewarding in terms of the opportunities and the range of careers offered […]

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The Benefits Of Enrolling In A Graphic Design And Animation School For A Degree

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The advent of internet has enabled the transfer of knowledge to many people. You can learn pretty much about everything on the internet. With graphic design and animation, there are several tutorials, guides and instructions from the design software which are enough materials to work with. However, it is always advisable to enroll in an […]