5 Interesting Careers to Pursue by Going to a Graphic Design and Animation School

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From the look of things, going to an animation and graphic design school looks like setting yourself up for limited career options. This is because the number of careers most people are familiar with are only a few- graphic design and for a change, web design. However, this is a misrepresentation of the real picture. The career opportunities available after graduating are many and richly rewarding in terms of the pay and the work involved. Here is a look at some 5 interesting careers you can pursue after graduating from an animation and graphic design school.

  1. Multimedia designer

This is an interesting career that mixes just about every aspect of design. Art, sound and design skills are used to create video, audio and animated content. Work ranges from producing sketches and plans, scale models to videos and clips, high quality media rich images and other responsibilities. The jobs are available in a range of industries from publishing, set design, television and film, to audio production and animation among others.

  1. UX designer and UI designer

Whether it is working on a site’s mobile or desktop platform, or with the interface for other gadgets, mobile apps and other services, your role is to design an appealing, interactive and functional front end experience for the user. Skills required include user research, usability testing, information architecture and user interface design. Those working as user interface designers will need training in programming and coding because they work beneath the hood of how the front end elements will interact.

  1. Logo designer

This is one of the most interesting jobs you can get by having trained in graphic design. It involves being creative and analytical enough to come up with a symbol that best defines and represents your clients. You could get work by working at a design or advertising agency. The challenge is creating a logo that is unique, memorable and matching the image of the company or product that has sought your services. It is a highly competitive career that calls for your best creative and design skills.

  1. Layout designer/artist

This is a job available in both print and online media. It involves the planning and designing of the structure and arrangement of images and text in an appealing format for the given platform. A layout artist has to pick the right typeface and set up the images and text in the right flow. Layout designers are employed either in house, with advertising agencies or graphic design firms. You can also work on your own as a freelancer.

  1. Brand identity designer

This requires more from you than just creating a logo. It means helping a company come up with a consistent look across all media channels as well as its public interaction. You have to work on the tagline or motto, the company colors, the design of marketing material from business cards to brochures and company publications among other duties. You can be the in house designer or work at a graphic design or advertising agency. There is also a great demand for freelance advertisers.

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