5 Tips for Becoming a Great 3D Animator

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Becoming a great 3D animator does not take months or even few years. Instead you will have to spend several years of dedication working on your skills and learning different techniques and technologies. It is a career path that demands passion and readiness to commit to longer working hours. The good thing is, this is a richly rewarding career both in earning potential and job satisfaction as you bring to life productions that will stand the test of time. It is a fun career despite the difficulty at times of bringing to life what is in your mind.

Here are some tips on how to become the best in your career as an animator

  1. Understand the job, the technical skills and the traits of an animator

For you to know whether a career as a 3D animator is suitable for you, the first step is understanding all about animation. This is includes the duties of an animator in various industries though the most prominent one is bringing to life 3D objects through movement. You need to learn the software needed and other tools used. Finally, you have to identify the main traits like patience, imagination and creativity and persistence. Doing your background research is the first step towards mapping out a career as a 3D animator.

  1. Know where to start and learn

While it is easy and certainly not wrong to imagine yourself working behind big movies or the top selling video games, you have to start with the basics. A good place is to start by identifying a great animation school. This makes it easy for you to access most resources and work under close guidance through the basics of animation from 2D to the present technologies. Look at all the different tutorials, online forums and webinars. The online animators’ community is a great place since it allows you a chance to share your work and see other people’s work. You get tips, new ideas and constructive feedback.

  1. Learn to act and body mechanics

You work is to make the audience forget what they are seeing is not real; this can only be achieved through great acting and great body movements. It is important for you to find a way to improve your understanding of acting and leaning how the body moves. For instance how does a person’s face look when they are excited, ashamed, happy, shocked and angry? How does the body weight shift when one is running? How do the hands move when walking and how do you make each character distinct just using body movements?

  1. Have good communication skills

The production process of an animation is a team effort. Throughout your career you will have to deal with people, collaborators, clients and superiors and you will have to sell your ideas and have them understand the whole picture. Your animations too are going to be making conversations and while you may have a script to work with the non-verbal cues will be dependent on you to produce.

  1. Get experience and practice without ceasing

Whatever opening is available whether contests, not for profit work and different internships, you will have to take it and build your portfolio as well as your skills. Only regular practice will make you excel and keep your skills fresh. You will also have a cutting edge if you have a varied set of skills and background.

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