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The Best Advice for Graduating Graphic Design and Animation Students

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Having come to the end of an interesting course or program whether in graphic design or animation, graduation time marks the transition to the professional world. It is a time to make plans and decisions on how you want your career to develop and which field you are actually interested in. While many of these decisions and experiences begin a bit earlier before graduation, here are five pieces of advice for a graduating student that will help you have a successful career in whichever field you take. This is both for those seeking employment in firms as well as those going into freelancing.

  1. Learn to solve problems

At the heart of every assignment, task or client job is a problem that needs to be solved. Most people when starting off tend to focus more on parts of the complete package rather than the clients’ problem. Every decision and action you take should be focused on how best to improve the clients’ business with the product you are working on. This is the same whether you are working on a business card or designing a website. This also increases the effectiveness of your work and in a team effort, tying ideas to see how they will help solve a problem makes you respected despite your experience.

  1. Be open to change and opportunities

As someone just starting out, being flexible is one of your big advantages. There are many careers you can pursue many requiring the same skills or just learning one more. As a young person starting out it is great to be flexible and try out a number of the options, working for different industries. This will help you find a career you are passionate about as well as build a rich experience and an understanding of different elements of design and animation. There is no single road of getting to the pinnacle of your career and you can only find the right fit by trying several avenues.

  1. Challenge yourself

It is easy to do what makes you happy and what you already know. However, this is does not help you grow both as a person and career wise. Volunteer for the hard tasks and get to try out different fields to challenge yourself. There is really little to lose since each experience will provide you a measure of where you are and will help you learn a lot. This offers more growth since outside school much of the learning is on the job and it is the only way you can get to learn different programs and platforms.

  1. Learn how to network

Most opportunities will not be advertised and you need to grow your networking circle in this career. This is important because it helps you find mentors and career opportunities. Go to workshops attend events whenever possible and actively seek people in your profession and related ones.

  1. Never settle or stop learning

When it comes to a field as dynamic as designing and animation. You should not allow yourself to get comfortable with your skills. For a young designer you have the time to learn new stuff and methods. It is the only way you will keep your skills fresh and learn new developments in your field.

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