5 Tips for Becoming a Great 3D Animator

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Becoming a great 3D animator does not take months or even few years. Instead you will have to spend several years of dedication working on your skills and learning different techniques and technologies. It is a career path that demands passion and readiness to commit to longer working hours. The good thing is, this is […]

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5 Must Read Books for Graphic Designers

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“The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman “Making and Breaking the Grid” by Timothy Simara “In Progress” by Jessica Hische “The Vignelli Canon” by Massimo Vignelli “The Non-Designer’s Design & Type Book” by Robin Williams   Pop up your Amazon Account and get your read on with these ‘must haves’ for graphic designers. At […]

The Best Kept Secret at DMAC

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Is ZEN… We believe the creative process for students at DMAC is a delicate matter. Creative people are always on the verge of innovation and inspiration. Designing the best new creation, reinventing the wheel and discovering that you are more talented than you thought, can surprisingly be stressful. Therefore, it is important to find some […]

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Animation at The Top: The Simpsons

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If you are not thinking about The Simpsons and you are an Animation major, then now is the time to learn about the most influential primetime animation series ever- The Simpsons! The Simpsons represent society. The Simpsons represent the family. The Simpsons parody the American Dream. The Simpsons reveal the zeitgeist of America’s flaws, successes, […]