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Why Making Apps Like Snapchat Makes $ense

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The world of apps is vast with everything from parking your car to of course one of the world’s biggest social apps, Snapchat. What’s fascinating about this company and the app is the creator is less than 30 years old and now one of the wealthiest Millennials to hit the planet running. Although creating the […]

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The Addy Awards for 2017 – Did You Submit?

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This year’s Addy Awards for the Great Fort Lauderdale is sure to bring a lot of enthusiasm for local graphic designers, writers, and creatives. Why wouldn’t it? This ceremony is one of the most prestigious competitions around the globe. Whether you’re a student or someone who’s worked in advertising or marketing for twenty years, this […]

Create from the Beauty That Surrounds You

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When we stop to think about creating from the masters, we also should consider before there were graphic design, motion graphics, and Photoshop, the artists, used what they had to work with. Makes one stop to ponder how they were influenced and motivated for creating such beautiful works as what Van Gogh and Miro did […]

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The Truth About Gamers

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The Truth About Gamers The gaming industry has exploded over the past decade. Kids whose parents once nagged them for playing video games till all hours of the night are now looking back saying “See Mom, I told you there was a reason why that was so important. I was in training.” (These individuals know […]

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Jobs In Computer Animation

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Computer Animation Jobs Start With A Great Education So you want to have a career in computer animation. It’s an ever changing and quickly growing industry today with the use of animation in films, animated shorts, commercials, marketing campaigns and video games. Finding that dream job in today’s world of technology has become a bit […]