The Different Career Opportunities That Open After Pursuing a Degree in Animation and Graphic Design

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With the advent of technology and the integration of computer aided design and animation in just about everything, the fields of animation and graphic design are opening up a range of career opportunities. Pursuing a degree in animation and design is now highly rewarding in terms of the opportunities and the range of careers offered […]

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The Benefits Of Enrolling In A Graphic Design And Animation School For A Degree

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The advent of internet has enabled the transfer of knowledge to many people. You can learn pretty much about everything on the internet. With graphic design and animation, there are several tutorials, guides and instructions from the design software which are enough materials to work with. However, it is always advisable to enroll in an […]

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Animation at The Top: The Simpsons

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If you are not thinking about The Simpsons and you are an Animation major, then now is the time to learn about the most influential primetime animation series ever- The Simpsons! The Simpsons represent society. The Simpsons represent the family. The Simpsons parody the American Dream. The Simpsons reveal the zeitgeist of America’s flaws, successes, […]

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Web Design Classes And Degrees Offered By DMAC

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Web Design Classes And Degrees Offered By DMAC The Digital Media Arts College offers degree program in web design that addresses the needs of any student. We provide professional certification, associates degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees in web design. Each program is tailored to build on the skills and knowledge that a person already […]