Idea Zone for Art Directors Unblocking Creative

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People who are seeking careers as creative art directors need to have an arsenal of tools in their back pocket to be effective today. Between the evolving social media platforms and constant changes in marketing trends, these directors can quickly become overwhelmed that can lead to an artistic or creative block. When that happens the tools, you put in place will significantly increase the time it takes for you to get back up and running with a full brain of innovative power. Here are a few tips to get you back in the game with making your touchdown in the ‘idea zone.’

Natural Elements are always a good place to start picking up data that can help you lead into your next campaign. Some art directors take a nature walk along the beach or their favorite wooded areas, taking pictures of things that catch their eye. Using this site is an excellent way to pick up color schematics and patterns that make your graphics stick out or help to create themes for a primary campaign. Take a walk outside and don’t forget to smell the roses, it’ll help your mind become filled with inspirations.

Next, visit Pinterest and see what’s trending as well as using the platform to gather color or product lines. Pinterest is yet another rich source when it comes to Fonts, Lettering, Typography, etc., so use this social site often.

If you’re developing an ad campaign for a brand, look at the competition. What are they doing? What aren’t they doing? See where they’re placed on the shelves at the store or what other products are used along with them. It’s super important to know these things, and it helps when you have an intelligent conversation with your client by showing them, you do your homework.

Lastly, if you’re looking for slogans or taglines, watch Netflix and Hulu or any other movie that has catchy, kitschy and dynamic dialogue. This can spark some real ideas for your copywriting and allow you some valuable rest time to boot!

By using these couple tips, you’ll find that the creative or design zone is always left wide open. There won’t be much downtime trying to come up with campaigns and other elements as you’ll always have these resources to help get the juices, juicing. When all else fails, take a day off as you most likely need it.

We hope these tips are helpful. Please leave us your feedback and share your thoughts on preventing the creative block.


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