Illustrators in the Medical Field

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Medical illustration is a lucrative and one of a kind career. People who pursue positions in this field are known to have a 4-6-year degree and earn salaries between $62-85K. In case you didn’t know what, these artists do, they create the imagery used for medical science. This informational content is also used to educate patients and the public. If you have considered entering this field, then DMAC is an excellent foundation for you to start. In this week’s blog, we highlight a few things to be aware of when pursuing this as a career option.

The folks that pioneer the field can hold a multitude of descriptions from creative art directors to medical artists in the vertical known as biocommunications. These professionals must adhere to standards set by medical boards and legal systems since they are designing factual materials. Areas of specialty for some skilled individuals could include health gaming, virtual reality stimulation, and medical device illustration.

If you’ve ever watched a pharmaceutical commercial, you’ve seen plenty of work by these talented designers. Other than big pharma companies, you can expect the work environment to include places like schools and universities as well as health centers.

Most of the medical illustrators will hold master’s degrees from an accredited graduate program. This field may be from a specialty school. However, many of the same technology and lessons are used between any illustrator’s positions.

While this is a lucrative career with many possibilities, there is a high-stress level as the demands are extremely high. These folks spend hours learning biochemistry, genomics, and molecular biology. If you’re someone who is interested in this type of science, then it might be a great career to transition to once you’ve completed your education.

To learn more about the competency levels involved as a medical illustrator, visit the Board of Certification of Medical Illustrators. By taking the time to educate yourself on what participates in this or any other field, you’re taking the proper steps to arm yourself with the right ammunition to get the best out of your career.

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