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Why Making Apps Like Snapchat Makes $ense

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The world of apps is vast with everything from parking your car to of course one of the world’s biggest social apps, Snapchat. What’s fascinating about this company and the app is the creator is less than 30 years old and now one of the wealthiest Millennials to hit the planet running. Although creating the […]

Idea Zone for Art Directors Unblocking Creative

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People who are seeking careers as creative art directors need to have an arsenal of tools in their back pocket to be effective today. Between the evolving social media platforms and constant changes in marketing trends, these directors can quickly become overwhelmed that can lead to an artistic or creative block. When that happens the […]

Getting Started as a Graphic Designer

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Once you get nearer to completing your degree or classes, you will most likely want to continue your journey to the next step. Finding work and building your personal brand, should be your goal.  We wanted to give you some direction to helping you get you started on the right path to finding work right […]

Illustrators in the Medical Field

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Medical illustration is a lucrative and one of a kind career. People who pursue positions in this field are known to have a 4-6-year degree and earn salaries between $62-85K. In case you didn’t know what, these artists do, they create the imagery used for medical science. This informational content is also used to educate […]

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5 Must Read Books for Graphic Designers

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“The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman “Making and Breaking the Grid” by Timothy Simara “In Progress” by Jessica Hische “The Vignelli Canon” by Massimo Vignelli “The Non-Designer’s Design & Type Book” by Robin Williams   Pop up your Amazon Account and get your read on with these ‘must haves’ for graphic designers. At […]