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The Benefits Of Enrolling In A Graphic Design And Animation School For A Degree

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The advent of internet has enabled the transfer of knowledge to many people. You can learn pretty much about everything on the internet. With graphic design and animation, there are several tutorials, guides and instructions from the design software which are enough materials to work with. However, it is always advisable to enroll in an animation and design school if you are aiming to have a successful career. It is a great way to develop your skills and prepare for a wide range of job opportunities and interesting careers.

  1. Develop your skills and build your portfolio under expert direction

Going to an animation and design school allows you the chance to receive instruction from industry experts and people with extensive experience. This hands-on instruction and sharing of ideas is more than any material you get for self-learning. There is immediate feedback and response to questions. You get to learn information directly from the industry since most of the schools have faculty still working actively in the design industry. There is also the chance to develop your work portfolio under expert guidance, have your mistakes corrected and incorporate well thought out and developed ideas. This ensures you have a body of work that can help you convince clients of your skills.

  1. Increase your eligibility for more work

Different surveys indicate that 91% of employers prefer candidates who have a degree. While in the design business the portfolio carries the bigger weight, the bachelor’s degree is what gets prospective employers and clients looking at the portfolio. Further studies show that a degree increases your chances for employment 10 times more than an individual without one.

  1. Stand out from the competition

A university degree gives you an edge in an increasingly competitive field. It is proof that backs up your portfolio of work that you are well trained and versed in all aspects of graphic design and animation. This degree allows you to add credibility to your work. It validates the fact that you are well learned in more than just the basics of your industry. It is thus very important to get your degree from a respectable institution since it adds up to the evaluation process and the reputation of the school adds to the value of your degree.

  1. Higher earning potential

With a degree you not only get more employment opportunities but also get to earn higher. The extra training and knowledge allows you to have a higher bargaining power as far as salary negotiations go. The industry data from jobs advertised listing salaries indicate that those with degrees get to earn as much as $10,000 more.

  1. Learn more skills

Getting enrolled in a program allows you to learn comprehensively as well as learn other related skills and programs. These include marketing skills as well as web development skills. This adds up your personal development as well as increase the number of industries you can work in. And should you also choose to go out on your own you already have the necessary entrepreneurial skills to support you.


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