The Different Career Opportunities That Open After Pursuing a Degree in Animation and Graphic Design

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With the advent of technology and the integration of computer aided design and animation in just about everything, the fields of animation and graphic design are opening up a range of career opportunities. Pursuing a degree in animation and design is now highly rewarding in terms of the opportunities and the range of careers offered to you. The job opportunities are not only tied to traditional design opportunities but other business courses as well. Such career opportunities aim at tapping into the other skills one develops in the course of their study. Here are seven career opportunities which one can pursue with a degree in animation and design:

  1. Graphic designer

This is the most common job route and one which many people assume is the natural path for everyone who gets a degree in design and animation. It is still a growing field though many people are getting into it. It has an estimated median annual salary of $46,900. You get to develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos and websites. Along with this main role are duties to analyze layouts and make any necessary improvements. You are also charged with maintaining image archives. This job is available in different industries.

  1. Web developers

This is a fast growing field that has become another common path for many with a degree in animation and design. It has a median annual salary of $64,970. It is expected that one has learned about web development during the course as the responsibilities include web design and maintenance, code evaluation and correction of problems as they arise.

  1. Art director

This is a well rewarding career opportunity but has a slow growth rate. It involves coordination creative activities, organizing and coming up with presentation concepts to meet client needs, and working with other creatives to formulate design solutions. Not so many companies work with art directors hence the slow growth rate.

  1. Marketing specialities

Thanks to the growth of marketing departments in various companies, there is room for designers and creatives. This job involves analyzing data on competitors and customer demographics as well as developing effective marketing, communication and advertising strategies.

  1. Software application developers

This another rewarding job with a median salary of $98, 260; it is also a fast growing industry in which one is in charge of analyzing  software design and how they can best meet user needs. One is also responsible for the design and modification of software.

  1. Public relations specialist

This job requires individuals to prepare, edit and design company publications. They also consult with advertising agencies to prepare material for promotional campaigns. You will also get to confer with production to produce or coordinate implementation of advertisements and promotions.

  1. Multimedia artists /animators

This job position is available in a number of industries as they adopt the advantages of animation. It involves the designing of complex graphics and animation, apply story development, directing and cinematography, developing and editing content on a range of platforms from print to video and the technical illustrations.


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