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Tips for Choosing the Right Animation and Design School

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With the animation and graphic design industry growing each year, more opportunities are opening up for creatives with an eye for art. A career in animation is now a viable and well rewarding career. It begins first with pursing a program especially a bachelors program. While it is indeed possible to learn a number of things on your own, enrolling for a degree in a reputable program has more benefits especially networking benefits and the advantage of resources. The challenge is getting the right school for your learning. Here are tips for choosing the right school to kick off your career:

  1. The experience and connection of the faculty

Get to know who makes up the faculty of the animation and design school, what is their level of education and experience in the industry and if they are regarded as authorities in the subject. You want to go to a school that has respected leaders in the area with either great portfolios or recognition for development of techniques. This assures you will benefit from the latest knowledge, skills and market relevant information. Getting faculty that still actively practices outside is better because you are assured of better connections and exposure. This should be the first thing you check out before settling on an animation school.

  1. Location

The location of the animation and design school is a major factor to consider. This is because the location of the animation school can easily determine the kind of exposure, internship and job opportunities available to you. In this regard you want to go to a design and animation school that is close to major animation studios and other industries that are in need of your skills. This includes production houses and advertising agencies. There is enough knowledge and exposure you can get from this communities.

  1. Alumni network

Find a school with a strong alumni network with successful candidates whose work will not only inspire you but also assure you of the quality of education at the institution. An alumni association also makes up for great opportunity for you to make connections and build networks in the industry. Get to know where they work and even ask if there are meetings held regularly.

  1. What does the program cover

This is a crucial thing to capture as it directly determines the knowledge and skill you will find. Get to know what are the areas covered at different stages and the expected skills you will be proficient in after graduation. Compare different programs and go for one that covers more areas and has a balance in its teaching between theory and practice. Look at the equipment present and if possible get to tour the labs and gauge their quality. Basically you should be looking for a program that covers all about design and animation.

Ultimately, your success is going to greatly depend on the effort you put into your program but a good school can have a great impact on the outcome of your effort and getting you closer to places you can practice your skills while giving you the necessary exposure.


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