Top 4 Lucrative Design and Animation Careers

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Modern day design combines art, creativity and technology. The end result is usually entertaining and a highly rich product besides several career openings in this industry that have a high earning potential. Here are 4 interesting careers which while they’re demanding are equally richly rewarding.

  1. Video game designer

This is one of the exciting career paths you can get into especially if you are a fan of video games. The major responsibilities are coming up with designs and implementing them. It involves working alongside video game programmers, artists and engineers. The required qualifications are a degree in computer graphics, programming art or other closely related field. It is a competitive field which requires one to constantly refresh their skills and learn new techniques. Meeting deadlines is very crucial and can result in long working hours. A passion for video games is essential for success in this career as well as high level of technical understanding. Other skills needed are analytical skills, great writing skills and Adobe Photoshop. Depending on skill and experience, the salary range is from about $31,472 to $100,665. It leads to the position of lead video game designer which is even further lucrative.

  1. Video game artist

Unlike the game design job, this one does not require much knowledge on programming especially if you are coming from an artistic talent background. It still has the same work demands in terms of stress and working hours and still calls for the same passion as video games designing. The job requires you to be involved in animation, illustrating and creating graphics. You will also get to work with a bigger team of game designers. The role is to make the game as close to life as possible by giving it a realistic feel. The average pay is about $ 44,453 according to PayScale with the range starting from $26, 356 to $ 64,797. The next step up offers even more pay as the senior video artist which comes with an average salary of $71,741 with a salary range of $55,752 to $131,300. A bachelor’s degree in graphic design, computer science, animation, art or a related field is the minimum entry requirement

  1. User experience designer

This is usually shortened as UX designer and is a rich career with so many opportunities and platforms to work with. Whether it is working on a site’s mobile or desktop platform, or with the interface for other gadgets, mobile apps and other services, your role is to design an appealing, interactive and functional front end experience for the user. A background in a people related field will help in trying to get the needs of the user. You will work more with other designers and the marketing and sales teams to attain the overall vision. Skills required include user research, usability testing, information architecture among others. The average salary according to PayScale is $73,805.

  1. Animator

Working as an animator has the average salary of $50,990. It is fun but only if you are passionate about it. The working hours can be long especially leading to major projects. You will need a degree in fine art, computer graphics, animation or another field but in all, you should have developed great animation skills and armed with a rich portfolio.

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