Top Attributes Needed for a Career in Animation

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Choosing your career calls for extensive deliberation and thinking through your options. For a career like animation which calls for a combination of both your creative and technical talent, a unique blend of qualities is required. The varied nature of the profession and the skills required mean there is no single blueprint of what makes the best animator. However, there are certain general qualities needed to excel in the multimedia arts industry. Here are the top ones:

  1. Vivid imagination

Imagination is chief among the attributes needed to succeed in the animation field. It allows your personality to come through your work making it both captivating and unique. Imagination is where your ideas come from and you can also rely on it to help you find solutions and new content to express. It is what differentiates the great animators from the average ones when all skill is equal. You cannot be taught imagination it is a personal attribute.

  1. Patience and ability to work for long hours

Patience is one of the key attributes you will need to enjoy a career in animation. This is because countless hours are spent in creating a series of images and testing and reviewing the results before the final product is out. At times the working hours will be long to work on meeting deadlines or making final corrections. This calls for patience, tolerance and the ability to focus for long periods of work without giving up or being demotivated. If this comes naturally to you then you will be suited for a career in animation and you will most likely succeed in it.

  1. You can work individually and as a team with no problem

Animation requires someone who can excel working alone as well as in collaboration with others. This is because there are tasks you will be assigned to work on your own and several others you will be required to work with different teams. It calls for a great ability to be flexible between being an introvert and an extrovert and for those who enjoy such an arrangement then a career in animation is a great field to venture in.

  1. Great attention to detail

To make animation believable, you have to have an eye for detail. Even the most subtle aspect can make a wide difference in a production set. Whether it is an eyelid, a straight line instead of wavy, the positioning and arrangement of objects, all these determine the final product and whether it is believable and matches with everything else. This attention to detail is especially important when one has to work on edits and reviewing work to be able to make required improvements.

  1. Sense of humor and exaggeration

For an animator, common and the mundane is boring and quite kills off creativity. If you have an eye for exaggeration or a lively sense of humor, then you will achieve success in this field. Whether it is in motion, a flash or light, bigger characters or brighter and flowery imagery, humor and exaggeration bring life and joy to the end product.


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