Unconventional Methods for Reaching Your Audiences

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When it comes to graphic design and creative art direction, you’ve got a split second to grab the attention of a new follower or user. In some cases, if you don’t get their eyeballs to follow, read or view your content, your client’s message will be lost in the dark sea of other digital messages. So, what’s the answer? How do you stand out? What needs to be done to grab your client’s attention to land the job and what makes his customers feel like they can’t live without his brand? This blog points out a few unconventional methods that will help reach those audiences.

Marketing doesn’t have to follow any strict rules or guidelines when it comes to your creativity. As an artist, your vision is what you will execute when pitching your client. Once you’ve landed the gig, it’s your job to respect and always consider the customer’s brand but there are times doing something that stretches beyond their traditional advertising can be extremely useful.

In some cases, throwing a party and displaying the name on promo items can be cost-effective as well as efficient ways to build a following or introduce a new product or service to the followers. The trick is to gear all your focus and energy on what and how your followers will perceive and accept what you’re promoting.

Publicity stunts are still executed today although we don’t hear of them happening out front. Publicity stunts are typically planned and organized to grab the attention of an audience using unconventional methods. As an example, a bank chain in San Diego sent out actors dressed up like old snobs as bankers by the bus loads who paraded around the beaches enticing people to sign up for a younger demographic. Just imagine lounging in the sun when a mob crowd of individuals dressed as old prudes in suits is protesting while stomping in the sand and waving signs. While the stunt was truly a good one, it may not have been so effective. However, a video like the “Harlem Shake” turned out to be one super cool stunt that carried on for a while. The point is, these were all campaigns that went outside the advertising box.

Digital Media was known to be unconventional when it was first introduced. What Social Media? What Video? That’s the way many clients would have rejected the ideas when the technology was newer and in its infancy stages. Today, this is a mainstream form of getting your message out to the masses. While we may consider it ‘normal’ marketing, introducing things like contests, interactive content like Pokémon Go, or some other form of targeting audiences there’s always going to be a something new that will make reaching audiences more viral.

This is a few things to consider if you’re looking at adding different methods of advertising in your campaigns. Speak to your instructors on how to implement your digital media with alternative forms of marketing.

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