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What You Can Do to Keep Up with Marketing Trends in 2017

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It seems that 2017 has a lot in store for many people working in advertising and digital media. The changes that are trending or predicted to trend for this year aren’t necessarily new. They are, however, a good indication of what’s on the horizon. As a student at DMAC, there are a few things you should be doing to stay in the know that will make you a more efficient designer, director or illustrator. In this blog, we share a few tips that will help you keep up.

Pay attention to Facebook Live, and its Messenger feature. Digital Chatting will become more useful, and you already are seeing the impact that Facebook Live is having. They will eventually figure out a way to deliver content while thousands of viewers are using these two features. Slack, Twitter and WeChat are all a part of what the advertisers are titling as “conversational experiences.” What does this mean? Artificial Intelligence and text messaging ads will become more useful. Get ready; it’s going to be a long bumpy ride on this type of ad platform.

We’ve all seen them, and maybe you’ve had a chance to experience them. What we’re referring to here are the Virtual Reality headsets that turn your smartphone into a fun zone. While this newer clip-on device is just ramping up its uses; digital designers are already getting into this world’s creation. Take your time and start developing useful ways to incorporate your graphic designs and other applications. This technology is on the rise, and we’re sure to see more. This is what the advertisers are calling “immersive content.” This is brilliant innovation, and we’re sure that as a student you can already picture ways to capitalize.

Interactive Brands are another trend you’ll soon see more. A good example of this would be the Pokemon Go app that made people go crazy but demonstrates how effective interacting can be. Perhaps you can create the next big craze while still studying at DMAC. Make us proud now.

Another trend that isn’t new that you can start on your own is that of a brand ambassador or influencer marketing. You can start just about anywhere, but the big places would be blogging and vlogging. The big guys in the ad world are predicting we will see more of this type of marketing for 2017. With many businesses pulling back the reigns in television and radio advertising they’re placing their dollars on what’s working. As a student, you can create your show, review products and write blogs or create a video that includes your style of design. This is a fun way to expound on your talents and one the ad firms are recognizing.

These are just a few of the prediction that you can follow and try out for yourself. As a DMAC student, we encourage your innovations and start trends of your own.

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