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Why Making Apps Like Snapchat Makes $ense

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The world of apps is vast with everything from parking your car to of course one of the world’s biggest social apps, Snapchat. What’s fascinating about this company and the app is the creator is less than 30 years old and now one of the wealthiest Millennials to hit the planet running. Although creating the platform has been lucrative there are several other reasons why making apps such as this makes sense.

When the app first came out the hook was its mysterious use of only seeing a post for a select amount of time and then it’s gone forever. Now, the app has developed into a social media rock star by passing Instagram and Twitter. So why would you want to create such a thing?

To begin with, it’s only going to be a matter of time that apps like Music.ly will become more integrated into mainstream social media. So, the question is why NOT create apps that are entertaining, informative and fun? There is no reason other than it can take a long time to develop such software and its usability.

A well thought out plan is where you need to start. That means thinking long term and not short. Although the CEO of Snap, may not have been thinking his innovation would bypass some heavy hitters in the social media channels, it did. Now selling stock and company growth is exceeding Evan Spiegel’s and Bobby Murphy’s expectations.

Of course, with a $33 billion dollar valuations on the open stock market, this company has a lot of future ahead. Not only are the two entrepreneurs living their dreams, but they are also famous for doing so. An inspiration to anyone wanting to create something even if you come from challenging circumstances.

Speigel grew up like many of the rest of the nation’s kids, in a divorced household, but never let that prevent him from moving toward greatness. In fact, he landed a job with Red Bull as a marketer early into his career as an intern. His love for nice cars is what is said to have kept him motivated.

Snapchat like many other apps is a way for people to connect and that in and of itself should be an inspiration to you. By creating unique things such as app technology, you’re not only given the potential to make it colossal; you’re helping others stay connected in a fun and exciting way. That should be one of your biggest factors in making such technology in today’s competitive world.

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